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Sven Giegold Weltsozialforum in Dakar:Globaler open space mit AktionsorientierungWie schon das Weltsozialforum 2009 im Brasilianischen Belém fand dasForum in Dakar unter dem starken Eindruck der tiefen Krise desneoliberalen Globalisierungsprojekts statt. In einigen Weltregionenläuft die Wirtschaft schon länger wieder gut, in anderen hat sie sichan der Oberfläche erholt. Das kann jedoch nicht über die tiefensozialen, ... vor 9 Jahren
National Progressive Unionist Party     Egypt's opposition leftist Tagammu Party has refused to participate in a planned demonstration on 25 January to coincide with national "Police Day."   The demonstration is being organized by various opposition groups to protest alleged violations on the part of the Egyptian security services.   “It's inappropriate to stage protests on this day,” said Tagammu Party spokesman Nabil Zaki. ... vor 9 Jahren
National Progressive Unionist Party   The leftist opposition Tagammu Party has set six conditions that must be met if it will take part in Egyptian presidential election set to take place this fall. Sayyed Abdel Aal, the party's secretary general, said the conditions include the enactment of new constitutional amendments for articles restricting the right to stand for election, chief of which are articles 76 and 77, which relate to determining the presidential ... vor 9 Jahren
National Progressive Unionist Party       The leftist Tagammu party, the largest opposition party in Egypt's Parliament, called for the prosecution of former Interior Mininster Habib al-Adly for his role in repressing protests against the regime. Ahmed Soliman, the party's representative in the People's Assembly, Egypt's lower chamber, accused al-Adly of negligence in an urgent statement to the head of Parliament. Soliman said that al-Adly ... vor 9 Jahren
New Wafd Party     Photographed by Al-Masry Al-Youm Staff   Following yesterday's violence, the liberal opposition Wafd Party rejected dialogue with Vice President Omar Suleiman, who had earlier called for dialogue with the opposition. The Wafd party labeled as a “criminal act" Wednesday’s attack on Tahrir Square protesters. Party spokesman Mohamed Mostafa Shordi said his party did not participate in a meeting ... vor 9 Jahren
New Wafd Party       After Cairo’s bloody events last night, Wafd Party's High Commission decided to express solidarity with Tahrir protesters by joining them in the square. "We want to go and be on the front lines with the youth in order to divide factions, and to protect them." In a press conference held today after the High Commission met at the party’s headquarters, Wafd Party President, al-Sayyed Badawy ... vor 9 Jahren
New Wafd Party   In a speech Tuesday night, the Wafd Party's chairman called for the formation of a 'saviour government' to alleviate the woes of the Egyptian people, as the party decided to take part in the 'day of anger The Wafd Party called for dissolving the current Parliament and making a “saviour government” which would work to put together a new system that could solve the problems of devastated citizens across the ... vor 9 Jahren
National Democratic Party of Egypt   Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak is to make an address on national television, amid suggestions that he is preparing to step down. It comes on the 17th day of protests against his 30-year rule. Secretary General of the ruling National Democratic Party, Hossan Badrawi spoke to the BBC saying it was time for Mr Mubarak to 'step aside'.     10 February 2011 Source: www.bbc.co.uk 14.02.2011 vor 9 Jahren
National Democratic Party of Egypt   The new head of Egypt’s ruling National Democratic Party, Hossam Badrawi, said early presidential elections may be possible and that protesters calling for President Hosni Mubarak’s departure have won. “The revolution has succeeded,” Badrawi, secretary- general of the party, said in an interview in Cairo today. “What’s the need for events that do not allow for economic development? We want ... vor 9 Jahren
Arab Democratic Nasserist Party   أعلن الحزب العربي الناصري المعارض انه علق الحوار مع نائب الرئيس المصري عمر سليمان بسبب إصرار النظام على رفض مطلب المتظاهرين بتنحي الرئيس حسني مبارك. وقال الحزب، في بيان الاثنين، انه يعلن "لجماهير الشعب المصري عامة و لثورة يناير الشعبية الشبابية خاصة أنه يعلق مشاركته في جلسات الحوار مع سليمان ما لم تتم الموافقة على رحيل مبارك". وكان سليمان عقد الاحد اجتماعا مع ممثلين للأحزاب والقوى في مصر إضافة لعدد من الشخصيات المستقلة ... vor 9 Jahren

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