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Al-Maliki Fails to Attend Parliamentary Session

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Iraqi prime minister refuses to discuss security situation with certain MPs


BAGHDAD, Asharq Al-Awsat—On Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al-Maliki failed to attend a parliamentary session to discuss the country’s deteriorating security situation, sparking a standoff between the prime minister and Parliament. This latest development comes despite a previous announcement by Safa Al-Din Al-Safi, the minister of state for parliamentary affairs and a leading member of the State of Law coalition, that a compromise had been reached and Maliki would be in attendance.


According to MPs from the State of Law coalition, which is led by Maliki, the prime minister does not want to discuss the security issue in Parliament because he is in possession of confidential information. The MPs also claimed that Maliki does not wish to disclose this information in front of MPs accused of terrorism, or those with arrest warrants issued against them, fearing that they may leak intelligence to armed groups.


In addition to verbal exchanges, the Iraqi parliament saw a series of press conferences on Monday between those supporting and opposing Maliki’s decision not to attend, after Speaker of Parliament Osama Al-Nujaifi had invited the prime minister and prominent security leaders to come to Parliament to discuss the recent violations. Kamal Al-Saadi, a State of Law coalition MP, said during a press conference that Maliki’s failure to ttend does not mean he does not value the blood of the Iraqis, in reply to what the Sadrist Al-Ahrar bloc had claimed in a similar conference.




3 Apr, 2013

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