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Political situation in Kazakhstan

Spanish Premier Zapatero looks forward to closer ties with Kazakhstan

Political situation in Kazakhstan, satisfied 29%


According to the Kazakh MFA's press service, Zapatero said the main goal of his visit was to explore new areas of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Spain. "The purpose of my visit is to expand Spain's relations with Kazakhstan, the leading country in Central Asia. Over the past 20 years, we have established very good political contacts. Now we must expand our economic and trade ties," he said.

"Kazakhstan is playing an increasingly important role on the international stage, and in relations with Spain, there is great potential for further development," he added.

Zapatero said the two countries could mutually benefit from joint work in such promising areas as energy, engineering, infrastructure development and telecommunications and that he had discussed these issues in his talks with Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev and Prime Minister Karim Massimov.

"I believe that both our countries have learned good lessons (from the latest global financial crunch)," he said. "Today, we must do everything in order to expand productive and innovative economy growth and not to allow economic indicators to be determined by financial growth only."

"In Kazakhstan, I was accompanied by leaders of the major Spanish companies that have signed a number of important inter-ministerial agreements that open windows of contacts for new opportunities. In addition, I planted a tree in . he Alley of Heads of State in Astana and must return here to check on it," Zapatero said.





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