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Michael Steele

Michael Steele Agrees With Bill Maher

Michael Steele 28%

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It was clear that recently-deposed former RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s appearance on Bill Maher’s Real Time would yield a colorful conversation, and looking back, it probably should have been obvious who would be a main focus of that discussion: Sarah Palin. Maher brought her up quickly, reminding Steele of an appearance on Maher’s show over two years ago when Steele predicted Palin-bashers would one day eat their words. Maher did not eat his words on this night.

“She does get a little harder to defend, does she not?” Maher asked Steele, following up with, “Between her and Michele Bachmann, I don’t know who knows history less.” Then, in a notable display of violent imagery (a week after staunchly advocating for gun control, if not for civility in political discourse), Maher said that “the knives are out for her,” as Republican who once defended her can’t anymore,” because “she’s too stupid even for them.”


by Glenn Davis | January 28th, 2011


Source: media ite.com

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