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Michael Steele

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Was the 64th Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 2009 until 2011.
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Michael Steele Agrees With Bill Maher

It was clear that recently-deposed former RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s appearance on Bill Maher’s Real Time would yield a colorful conversation, and looking back, it probably should have been obvious who would be a main focus of that discussion: Sarah Palin. Maher brought her up quickly, reminding Steele of an appearance on Maher’s show over two years ago when Steele predicted Palin-bashers would one day eat their words. Maher did not eat his words on this night. “She does get a little harder to defend, does she not?” Maher asked Steele, following up with, ...

Whither the Tea Party? RNC's Michael Steele on Fox & Friends

RNC chairman Michael Steele on Fox after meeting with Tea Party activists:MICHAEL STEELE TELLS FOX & FRIENDS: THERE "WAS NOT ANY TALK" ABOUT THE TEA PARTY "BECOMING OR CREATING A THIRD PARTY"In an interview earlier this morning on FOX News Channel's FOX & Friends, RNC Chairman Michael Steele spoke with co host Steve Doocy about the Tea Party activists, GOP "mistakes," and the future of the Republican Party. Steele said "there was not any talk about becoming or creating a third party," when he met with Tea Party activists. In addition, he said he finds it "amusing," that when he meets ...

Praise for Michael Steele. No, really.

Y'all know how much I like smacking around (rhetorically speaking) Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. He makes it SO easy. That's why when Steele not only does the right thing, but also says the right thing, I feel obligated to give him his props.Steele's vocal opposition to a proposed suicide pact -- otherwise known as the purity test for GOP candidates -- being considered at the party's annual meeting in Hawaii was a show of real leadership. In order to be considered conservative enough to qualify for the national party's money and support, candidates would have to agree ...

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