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Jim Pirtle

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2012 Libertarian candidate to the U.S. House representing the 5th Congressional District of Colorado.
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ENG: Jim Pirtle is a 2012 Libertarian candidate seeking election to the U.S. House representing the 5th Congressional District of Colorado. Campaign themes - 2012 Pirtle's campaign website lists the following issues: Budget - Excerpt: "America, we must have a balanced budget! Check the U.S. Debt Clock and you will find that the U.S. tax revenue is over $2 trillion. However, Congress is spending over $3 trillion. Our total debt is over $15 trillion, while the interest alone is over $203 billion." Wars - Excerpt: "The war in Afghanistan is an unfortunate position we as a country were forced into. The initial mission was to limit Al Qaeda’s activities and capture Osama Bin Laden. It has taken 10 years, to achieve 1 goal. The fault lies not with our military, but with our lack of ...
für33gegen   In my opinion Jim Pirtle is quite good and reliable politician. He / She has my support!, positive
für33gegen   I am strongly opposed! Jim Pirtle is very bad choice. I do not agree with his / her political views., negative
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Jim Pirtle: Unfriendly, Friendly Fire

Today two more American soldiers were killed by "unfriendly" friendly fire. The two soldiers were killed by an Afghan soldier during a firefight. After the shooting, the soldier in question ran away. When is DoD going to learn. Our troops have accomplished the mission in Afghanistan, Bin Laden is dead. We cannot trust the Afghans in uniform and we cannot win the hearts and minds of a waring tribal society. Our troops have stood proudly and now it is time to come home. Read more: Jim Pirtle -http://www.pirtleforuscongress.com/2/post/2012/08/unfriendly-friendly-fire.html(08/27/2012)

Jim Pirtle: $50,866.00 Bill

FIFTY THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX DOLLARS. Every man, women, child and unborn child owes $50,866.00 dollars to payoff our national debt. Next week our national debt will exceed 16 TRILLION dollars. WHEN WILL WE SAY ENOUGH? Read more: Jim Pirtle-http://www.pirtleforuscongress.com/2/post/2012/08/5086600-bill.html (08/23/2012)

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