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Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan

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Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan ist bereit für Ihre Meinung, Unterstützung und Stimme. Stimmen Sie gerade JETZT ONLINE!
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حزب دموکرات کردستان ایران | Partiya Demokratîk a Kurdistana Îranê | The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI or KDPI)

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کلیک کنید، در صورتی که حزب دموکرات کردستان را پشتیبانی نمی کند. بگو چرا. / Click, if you do not support the PDKI. Say why.

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PDKI Secretary-general welcomes Iraq’s new government

Following many months of uncertainty after the March parliamentary election in Iraq, the country’s lawmakers agreed this week to elect the President and the Speaker of the parliament. Iraqi lawmakers approved an agreement that aimed to bring all of Iraq’s feuding political blocs into a new government led by Shiite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. The deal ended an eight-month impasse that had stalled the formation of a new government. Mr. Jalal Talabani, a Kurd, was voted in by Iraqi legislators as ...

KDPI members cross into Iran

Members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran have entered the Iranian border region of Sardasht, a military official has revealed."These people have entered the country through blind spots on the Iranian border and are currently under military surveillance," said Colonel Qorban Pashaie, a military official from Mahabad.He added that the outlaws would be arrested at an appropriate time and place.According to the official, other members of the group had entered the country through its western border but suffered heavy casualties.The outlawed group with Marxist-Leninist roots was founded ...

The KDPI has split

The minority wing of the KDPI has announced their separation from the main KDPI on Tuesday.The KDPI has spilt into the wing of Mustafa Hijri as a majority and the wing of Mala Abdualla Hasanzada as the minority.The Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran or KDPI has had internal problems which was emerged during their thirteenth conference and continues until today, when the wing led by Mala Abdualla Hasanzada announced their split from the party. Hasanzada is the former secretary general of the party while Mustafa Hiji is the current one. London, 06 December 2006 ( KurdishMedia ...

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