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BRIC or BRICs is an acronym that refers to the fast growing developing economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

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ENG -In economics, BRIC or BRICs is an acronym that refers to the fast growing developing economies of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. The acronym was first coined and prominently used by the bank holding company Goldman Sachs in 2001. Goldman Sachs argued that, since they are developing rapidly, by 2050 the combined economies of the BRICs could eclipse the combined economies of the current richest countries of the world. Goldman Sachs did not argue that the BRICs would organize themselves into an economic bloc, or a formal trading association, like the European Union has done. However, there are strong indications that the "four BRIC countries have been seeking to form a "political club" or "alliance", and thereby converting "their growing economic power into greater geopolitical ...
für33gegen   I clearly support it. BRIC is quite good organization. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is good, I wrote it here), positive
für33gegen   I am strongly opposed. BRIC is quite bad choice. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why it is bad, I wrote it here), negative
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BRIC trends

The BRICs are on different sides of the terms of trade trends. Brazil and Russia benefit from higher commodity prices, while India and China prefer lower prices. All except Russia are in the World Trade Organization. All but Brazil have nuclear weapons. While India and Brazil are democracies, China surely is not. While it may be premature to draw hard and fast conclusions about Russia, the direction does not look particularly promising.Russia and China are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. With their veto power there, they arguably have achieved greater political ...

BRIC seeks global voice

The leaders of the world's biggest emerging markets -- Brazil, Russia, India and China -- meet next week for their first formal summit, seeking a louder voice on the global stage.Leaders of the so-called BRIC nations will discuss ways to reshape the global financial system after the worst economic crisis for decades and ideas for a new reserve currency to reduce dependency on the U.S. dollar may be on the agenda."The good news is that rich countries are in crisis and that emerging countries are making a huge contribution to save the economy and, consequently, save the rich countries," ...

BRIC global security and economy summit

BRIC consists of world's fastest emerging economies -- Brazil, Russia, India and China.At their meeting, BRIC national security advisors, including India's NSA M K Narayanan are expected to finalise the security agenda of the summit.All aspects of "global security" and "complexities" in the field of economy in the backdrop of the world financial meltdown will come up during the first "full-format" summit of BRIC nations, including India, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev said today.Yaketenaburg is industrialised city hosting the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation on June 15-16 and the ...

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